2022 Carnival
2022 Carnival


The Venice Carnival in a Dreamlike Location to project Yourselves into other times and spaces by wearing Original Costumes and savouring Venetian Gastronomic Specialities in a series of Events in which Historical Re-enactments and Mystical Atmospheres merge with the Carnival Magic.
Culinary Treats, Models in Traditional Venetian Costumes, Fantasies, Lights and Colours characterise the Avanspettacolo Carnival in the celebration of the Venetian Festival par excellence.
Welcome Aperitif, Gala Dinner and Show are customised with Venetian dishes and dances to make the Experience Indelible in a splendid panorama embellished with statues, decorations, sumptuous chandeliers and fine draperies.


The 2022 Carnival Grand Galas programme is the following:

  • February 12th 2022 | “Grand Opening Grand Gala”
  • February 19th 2022 | “Quadrille Ball Grand Gala”
  • February 24th 2022 | “Jeudi Gras Grand Gala”
  • February 26th 2022 | “Quadrille Ball Grand Gala”
  • March 1st 2022 | “Mardi Gras Grand Gala”